Monday, May 22, 2006


Perhaps you are looking for the highly anticipated, never expected RAZZY awards. Then you've come to the right place. But don't think it stops here. Please, feel free to nominate more. These awards are paperless, odorless, and mostly worthless. Voted upon by classmates -reworded by me - Mr.P.

Period 3...
Most likely to start WWIII- Lauren A.
The 40 year old mind trapped in a teenage body- Lexie
Most in touch with their femininity - Mike L.
The 'Low Talker' award- Christina McF.
Endless Tan award - Amy S.
Cutest sweatshirt award- Henry
Most likely to talk the class into cannibalism- Ben

Period 5
Most likely to write a jokebook (for 2nd graders) - Rachel
BO- Charlie (stands for Boy Only)
Most out of the box- Tony
Cutest couple- Brian and his gal Cory
Best Juliet- Cory
Oprah's Lifetime Achievement Award- Whitney

More to come...


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