Friday, May 26, 2006

Big Bird Catches Avian Flu

This could be the end of days. Sesame Street favorite, Big Bird, has contracted the big bird flu. Neighbors are nervous about what this means for "the hood"(as they call it off set).
Although Bert worried about contractability issues that could be incurred with his pigeon, Bernice, she has been quarantineded. No worries for viewers though-- her stand in/stunt double will be is a red squirrel from Casper,Wyoming.
Oscar the grouch was visiblely shaken, but when questioned further he just said, "So much for my Thanksgiving plans," and laughed silently. Further investigation is pending.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Into the great perhaps

"Every new beggining comes from some other begginings end."

As I wrap up another year, put a notch in the desk and gear up for nearly 90 days without students, I wonder- what will be this summer?

Every year I've lost a student - to car accidents, suicide, or disease. Not this year. Inside I rejoice, but who will hear. Who will care and who will go on doing as they always do?

Thought for the day:
If it was your last day on Earth, what would you tell the people you love...and why are you waiting?

Monday, May 22, 2006


Perhaps you are looking for the highly anticipated, never expected RAZZY awards. Then you've come to the right place. But don't think it stops here. Please, feel free to nominate more. These awards are paperless, odorless, and mostly worthless. Voted upon by classmates -reworded by me - Mr.P.

Period 3...
Most likely to start WWIII- Lauren A.
The 40 year old mind trapped in a teenage body- Lexie
Most in touch with their femininity - Mike L.
The 'Low Talker' award- Christina McF.
Endless Tan award - Amy S.
Cutest sweatshirt award- Henry
Most likely to talk the class into cannibalism- Ben

Period 5
Most likely to write a jokebook (for 2nd graders) - Rachel
BO- Charlie (stands for Boy Only)
Most out of the box- Tony
Cutest couple- Brian and his gal Cory
Best Juliet- Cory
Oprah's Lifetime Achievement Award- Whitney

More to come...

Ode to Animal Crackers

Ode to Animal Crackers

Crackling bag or cardboard box
either way
the feral sweets entice me,
stalk me,
crawl into me;
and my fingers chase;
I cannot resist
the taste of the hunt.

Suspended Animation

This blog has been in suspended animation. Kind of like Luke Skywalker, with scuba gear, in a tube of warm liquid goo. Now back to reality.