Tuesday, October 04, 2005


September 29th I published an article in the Coloradoan on extra help. I thought it was lack-luster crap. I really wanted to get in my reader's face and say "STOP SPOON FEEDING YOUR KIDS!" but it came out more like a big, fat smooch on the posterior. Guess that's what I get for biting off a larger audience than I can chew. If you'd like to read it I posted the entire (unedited) version on the CSU Writing Project Blog.

Sassafrass and Other Nothings

It really urks my squid that students cannot write original , creative titles for their essays. Am I the only English teacher on the planet that is bothered by miniscule complexities that have no bearing on a child's future whatsoever?

And, for all English literature/history/geography buffs who did not read Friday's Coloradoan, apparently the legendary Ithaca , home of Odysseus of the Odyssey, has been found. I was so excited- I may have wet my pants (further discussion on that later).

Thought for the day- What did you NOT do this weekend?